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Survey tools have always come in two flavors.  First, counting the number of people that like green versus those that like yellow and red, and analytic surveys that provide intelligence not just simple statistics. 

These analytic surveys require the survey to be downloaded from “SurveySomething” and loaded into full-featured, bells-and-whistles analytic engines that can only be analyzed by PhDs after weeks of cross-tabs and elaborate statistical regressions.


Not any more.

Meet Metolius™, the survey design and analysis platform for the rest of us.

Metolius is just as easy and cost-effective to use as those online “SurveySomething” platforms, but it yields the sophisticated, intelligent assessments you need immediately.

What used to take weeks of effort to create a robust analytic summary and big bucks, Metolius delivers as soon as the survey period is complete.  You get to skip the high-priced analyst by using our platform to build intelligence-driven assessments.


With Metolius, you’ll build and deploy advanced survey assessments, and get immediate results that yield actionable feedback. Metolius is designed for any organization that deploys questionnaires to gain insights and engagement from employees, clients, customers, or prospects.

Intelligent Surveys, Analyses, and Reports

Metolius guides you through survey creation, data collection, and analysis, so you can glean real-time insights from the responses to your questionnaires. Assisted by artificial intelligence, Metolius turns you into a world-class researcher as it delivers the actionable insights and publication-ready reports you need.

time spent preparing the data for analysis

Get Actionable
Results Fast

Once the survey period is complete, Metolius immediately converts the response data into a fully tailored report accompanied by detailed charts and graphs.  You’ll be prepared to share the results of the intelligent assessment and recommended actions in a matter of days not months.

Minutes Saved

Go Beyond the Basics, with Advanced Analytics

Dig into your survey results with additional analytics tools that you can control. Or let Metolius extract every bit of analysis, with cross-tabs and PhD-level data handling that supports your decision-making.

Real Answers
in Real Time

Metolius gives you the real-time insights you need, based on your survey data. You can slice and dice the results, to get a deeper, more detailed analysis. You get professional, enterprise-class analysis at a reasonable cost. No PhD required.

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